CheckOut Digital

Digital Display Solutions
Grow Revenue – Lift Sales – Save Money

A bank of hi-res monitors at every other check out engages shoppers with entertainment and information. Motion graphic/video runs a continuous loop of local advertising and store branded message.

    • Hi-Res monitors play in sync at check out
    • Zero footprint placement above refrigerators
    • Plug & Play installation
    • Benefits:
    • Shortens perceived wait times
    • Engages shoppers with entertainment and information
    • Lifts sales and promotes your services
    • 2 store commercials play in every 4 minute loop
    • 30 store commercials play every hour on screen
    • Delivers additional revenue streams
    • Adcorp installs and maintains all equipment at no cost to you!

  • Innovative Grocers utilize our FREE
    CheckOut Digital every day!